Yasashii Kyojin Studio is the vision of a professional character artist on the fantasy universe. Creating awesome miniatures for your tabletop games, dioramas or to display!

For just $5/month you can join Patreon for full access to the entire collection!

All designs on Patreon are supplied pre-supported in both 32mm and 54mm scales. VTT tokens, stat blocks and paper minis are also included so you can use the designs no matter how you play!

We are now offering a print on demand service for local orders!

Feel free to contact me about any designs you are interested in (Australia only - Brisbane pickup available)

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Pre-supported STLs

Pre-supported STL files ready to print! Chitubox files are available through patreon 

VTT Tokens

VTT Tokens

Free sample VTT tokens for the whole community to use! More variants... 

Paper Minis

Paper Minis

Free samples from the range of paper minis on offer. More variants... 

  • VTT Tokens

    Digital tokens for your virtual tabletop games

  • Pre-supported

    Pre-supported STL's that are print ready

  • Paper Minis

    No 3D printer? Just use paper!


Please note that Yasashii Kyojin Studio sells .STL files for 3D printing purposes, these are not physical products.