Whether printing yourself or purchasing printed minis from a licensed merchant you have the expressed permission to create visual and audio content on the platforms of your choosing involving my designs and agree to include a form of recognition to the creator (Yasashii Kyojin Studio) and merchant (if applicable) in each material case.

Merchant Tier Terms and Conditions

Subscribing to the Merchant Tiers grants you a commercial license to sell physical prints of my designs, including the paper minis, stat blocks and tokens - for the duration of your subscription only.

All copyrights belong to Yasashii Kyojin Studio, they are NOT assigned or transferred to the end user. All designs created by Yasashii Kyojin Studio are protected by intellectual property laws. By subscribing to the Merchant Tiers you agree to these terms.

If you leave the Merchant Tiers you will no longer have a license to sell or distribute my designs and must remove them from your stores immediately.

- You must credit me (Yasashii Kyojin Studio) as the artist.

- Please provide a link to your store once you begin offering my designs.

- Any renders I have provided can be used as promotional material in your store. 

- Pricing of prints is at your discretion.

- You may not sell, distribute or modify the STL’s or digital files.

- NO molds.

- NO derivative works.

If you wish to go into larger scale production please contact me directly and we can discuss options.

** Failure to meet these requirements will result in your commercial license being revoked **