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Yasashii Kyojin Studio

Death Tyrant - Tabletop Miniature (Pre-Supported STL)

Death Tyrant - Tabletop Miniature (Pre-Supported STL)

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On rare occasions, a beholder's sleeping mind drifts to places beyond its normal madness, imagining a reality in which it exists beyond death. When such dreams take hold, a beholder can transform, its flesh sloughing away to leave a death tyrant behind. This monster possesses the cunning and much of the magic it had in life, but it is fueled by the power of undeath. A death tyrant appears as a massive, naked skull, with a pinpoint of red light gleaming in its hollow eye socket. With its eyestalks rotted away, ten spectral eyes hover above the creature and glare in all directions.

Death Tyrant for use in any epic adventure! Compatible with D&D and tabletop role-playing games.

Pre-supported versions (for resin printing) of both 32mm and 54mm scaling options provided!

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Please note that Yasashii Kyojin Studio sells .STL files for 3D printing purposes, this is not a physical product.


Thank you for choosing our Pre-Supported design!

The supports have been individually created for both 54mm and 32mm scale for resin printing by a very active seller of printed miniatures and are the files they personally use to print these designs. We want to provide a reliable source of high quality, drop in ready files for you to print!

Created by printers for printers! These files have been expertly supported by Barthels Marvels.

While these files work for me and for others that have test printed them, they may not work for you. Differences in resins and printers can account for failures. These pre-supported models will work best for those with exposure settings finely tuned and verified for their specific machines and resins.

Thin supports rely on proper exposure to have the strength they require while still being as minimal as possible.

If you do experience failures however, please let us know.

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