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Yasashii Kyojin Studio

Rakshasa - Tabletop Miniature STL

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The Rakshasa employs delicacy and misdirection in its pursuit of dominion over others. Few creatures ever see the fiend in its true form, for it can take on any guise it wants, although it prefers to masquerade as someone powerful or influential: a noble, cardinal, or rich merchant, for example. A rakshasa's true form combines the features of a human and a tiger, with one noteworthy deformity: its palms are where the backs of the hands would be on a human.

Rakshasa for use in any epic adventure! Compatible with D&D and tabletop role-playing games.

Both 32mm and 54mm scaling options provided!

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Please note that Yasashii Kyojin Studio sells .STL files for 3D printing purposes, this is not a physical product.